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In order to support mass developers and constructors of residential units, Bank Maskan has increased the maximum amount of loan facilities for civil partnership based on construction procedure.

Note 1- Loan facilities are paid to developers of at least 25 residential units in Tehran, 15 units in the cities of which population is above 200000 persons and 10 units in other cities.

Note 2- Loan facilities are paid to building complex developers for at least 15 units in Tehran and 10 units in other cities.

  • It is obligatory to have a current account at Bank Maskan.
  • Interest of partnership period through current account is given as 18% and that of sale by installments (deposit-free) is given as 18% respectively.
  • Primary period of civil partnership contracts at housing and buildings across the nation, is fixed as follows in consideration of appraiser’s comment and maximum 36 months and volume of project and remaining cost at time of inspection:

- Up to 5 residential units: Maximum 12 months;

 - 6Up to 20 residential units: Maximum 18 months;

- 21Up to 50 residential units: Maximum 24 months;

- 51Up to 100 residential units: Maximum 30 months;

- More than 101 residential units: Maximum 36 months;

* It is quite clear that in case of revision of criteria of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, fulfillment of notified criteria is mandatory.

* In case of extension of contract, installment of proportional share of the Bank will be made within the framework of credit policies of the Bank during extension period or credit policies of time of installments (as chosen by the applicant).


Required criteria for benefiting from maximum loan installments granted to professionally eligible mass developers:

Submission of acceptable documents to confirm professional eligibility


Natural Entities:


Type of eligibility

Issuing authority


Professional license for mass development

Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

All holders

Professional license for practicing engineering

Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

Line of activity: Civil- Civil and architecture

Professional license to practice as building technicians

Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

All holders whose license has been issued more than 5 years on the condition of submission of construction documentations of residential units at least 20.



Legal entities


Type of eligibility

Issuing Authority


Mass development permit

Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

All holders

Professional license to practice legal engineering

Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

Eligible persons for supervision, design and construction in the field of construction (mechanical and electrical eligibility are not concerned).

Contracting eligibility certificate 

Plan and Budget Organization

All holders of contracting certificate issued by Plan and Budget Organization in the field of road and construction;

Modified Date1398/5/13- 8:26